It turns out that this was reported before - see the archive at

Apparently, this is a bug in FOP 0.20.4 but I have been successful
in creating a workaround - I used a font editor (like pfaedit) to
'hi-jack' an existing unicode character that I don't expect ever
to use (in my case, 1488 - a Hebrew character) and turned it into
a tiny new character.  Then I replaced all no-break spaces with the
new character in my fo file.  FOP is able to render the new character
correctly but, because is is not visible under a zoom of less than
800%, it appears as a space!

A bit of a round-the-houses solution but effective - at least until
this strange bug is fixed.

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Subject: no-break space in unicode font

I am producing pdfs that contain Japanese characters (among others).
Accordingly, I have created a font xml file from osaka.unicode.ttf to embed
in the pdf files.  This works (ie produces Japanese characters) but now I
find that no-break space characters (unicode 160 decimal; 00A0 in hex) are
not correctly handled.  I usually get the 'unkown' unicode character in
their place (a square outline) but sometimes get other, apparently unrelated

Has anybody else experienced something similar?  Are there any known
solutions?  Can the font be manipulated to solve the problem?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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