I encountered a similar problem when serving a pdf file from a CGI script.
This seems to be related to MSIE. See the following link.
If you use Netscape, you probably will be okay.

But I have not found any workaround yet.


  Steve Lihn

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> Subject: Losing Browser Session when Acrobat Plugin fails
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> Here's my problem, 
> Scenario
> I'm trying to send a PDF document, which has been rendered 
> with FOP back to
> the client through ServletOutputStream. I'm generating a set 
> of XML files
> that I then render into a PDF document and store the document 
> onto the file
> system. 
> I then read in the file as a Byte Array and write this to the
> ServletOutputStream. 
> Issue
> Sometimes I'm getting the "File does not begin with '%PDF-' " 
> error message
> from Acrobat Reader. I've put a dummy ".pdf" at the end of 
> the URL to fool
> IE but sometimes I still get the "'%PDF-' " error.  
> When this happens the browsers session is lost and the user 
> will have to go
> back to login screen. In this case, if the user tries again 
> to view the PDF,
> the session is killed straight away, the only way to get it 
> to work again is
> to go into Task Manager in Windows and kill the AcroRd32.exe 
> process and the
> iexplore.exe process. 
> If I don't kill the processes, then every time I attemped to 
> launch the
> Acrobat plugin my session is invalidated. 
> Has anyone else come across this problem? 
> Environment 
>  Server 
>    IBM Websphere 3.5.5 running on AIX servers.  
>  Client 
>    Internet Explorer 5.5, Adobe 5.05 on Win2k
> regards
> Jonathan 
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