Hi Christopher,
> I've got an interactive document implemented in XSLT/XSL-FO and I
> need to insert some Acrobat page references. Specifically I have
> some buttons, where you click to go forward a page, and backward
> a page, and to close the document (for viewing in full-screen
> mode, possibly on a PDA).

There aren't any interactive documents in standard XSL:FO and FOP. Button
images as source area of internal links work as internal links - no more and
no less.

I guess you are looking for interactive form fields and their actions. I
modified the PDF renderer 0.20.0 to insert form fields into PDF documents at
a rather low level.

Otherwise have a look at Acrobat Batch Sequences, if your environment allows
to process your documents by an operator. I can ship you a patch to insert
form fields and actions by JavaScript.

Hansuli Anderegg

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