>IIRC try to use *.pfb files in embed-file="..."
>cu Torsten

I tried to embed the PFB file instead, and it worked!
Thank you all for all your help.
Whenever I can help you folks, I will.

There is just one more thing, not very important, byt for my current project, 
actually it is important.
When I open the file in Illustrator (Chosing File->Place), and i use a standard 
font, for example Helvetica,
the content of the PDF remains as objects(text elements and such is clickable, 
editable and moveable).
When i use an embedded font, the PDF document is no longer an object, when I 
open the file in Illustrator.
It looks like it has in some way been rasterized or something.
Maybe this is a natural behavior which cant be changed.
If anyone knows why this is happening, please explain to me.

Once again, thank you all.


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