thanks for the response. i want to state more precisely. the output i get
from the xsl looks like that:

page-number  -------------------------- 

for odd sides.
but for even sides the result looks like that:


------------------------------ page-number

The space between the rule and "AnyName" is not desired but it is there?

Does anybody know why the output looks differnt? are there any solutions?

bye for now


btw: if I start with an odd initial-page-number the coming up even side
has also the odd-layout. there is no problem if starting with an

*Wolle wrote:
*> i developp a fo:stylesheet with different heads for odd and even pages
*> inside a static content.
*> although i used the same logic of presentation, the spaces between a rule
*> and some text are different.
*Could you be more specific what's wrong? I see at least one problem:
*>         <fo:leader leader-pattern="rule"
*>                    rule-style="dotted"
*>                    rule-thickness="1pt"
*>                    leader-length="97%"/>
*>         <fo:leader leader-pattern="space"
*>                    rule-thickness="1pt"
*>                    leader-length="2%"/>
*>         <fo:page-number/>
*>         <fo:leader leader-pattern="space"
*>                    rule-thickness="1pt"
*>                    leader-length="1%"/>
*97+2+1 = 100%, but where is a place for a page-number itself?
*Oleg Tkachenko
*eXperanto team
*Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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