Philippe Chaléat wrote:

I asked a similar question some days ago... But not nobody answered on this
particular point.

Look back to the archive, you've got 2 negative answers.

Say I want it to have this kind of printing (needed for example for invoice
printing) :

  line1         a
  line2         b
  line3         c
  Last line in this page is "line3"

------------- PAGE BREAK -------------

  Last line in previous page was "line3"
  line4         d
  line5         e
  line6         f

Is there an acceptable solution to this using XSL-FO ?

If you don't mind "Last line..." text to be in region-after, not in table footer as you asked before, you can do it using markers. Take a look at docs/examples/markers folder within fop distribution for example of usage.

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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