I ran into the same problem as you (I was trying to call FOP from an ASP
page), and what it looks like we need is some sort of VB-compatible version
of JNI, which allows C++ apps to call Java apps natively.

I ended up doing what others have suggested, and calling FOP via a shell.
Because of the potentially long render times in my application, I actually
separated the FOP call from the ASP page, and used a status field in a
database to give the user feedback as to where in the rendering process we
were.  Basically, the ASP just creates a row in a table, and periodocally
(on a 10-second META refresh) checks the status field for completion.  A
separate, VB listening app gets the new request, calls FOP, and monitors a
log file to check for completion.  On completion, it updates the status
field, and the ASP gives the user a link to their PDF.

It's kind of a kludge, but it was the only way I could think of to get
VB/ASP to talk to FOP, while allowing some semblance of user feedback.  One
other alternative you may want to consider is a .NET version of FOP that
someone posted to this list.  I believe they made source available, so even
if the .NET implementation isn't a perfect fit, perhaps the source could
give you some ideas.

I hope at least part of that helps.


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I would rather not use the command line version or FOP. I wanted to knock
up an ActiveX component for embedding in a large app and need to
Use the classes so that I get more control and feedback.

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