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Is there any simple way to convert file.xml to ??
Is there any tool that does this job or do I need to write my own Java parser for converting file.xml to

Hello Anil,

There is no automatic way of converting some XML to FO because no computer program can magically come up with the way that *you* want it printed out.
You have to give it some help as to how to display the XML.

Remember that is in XML format too. You don't have to write any Java to convert one XML format to another XML format if you don't want to. You can use a technology called XSLT. (Or XSL depending on how picky you want to be).

This basically has (XML) scripts which say "when you see this sort of XML tag, output that sort of XML".

So for the most part you would take your XML as input, and output the equivalant XSL:FO type output.

Since FOP already uses an XSLT engine (Xalan by default) you can just tell it "take this XML file as input, and use this XSLT file to transform it, and output PDF", but you can output the .fo file too if you want.

If possible when asking this sort of question please say what documentation you have already read, because this sort of information should be in there already.

Thanks and goodluck


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