> Probably. You should get a MemoryOverflowException somewhere, check
> whatever logs you have.
> Try to give more memory to the JVM, see the FOP FAQ for more hints.

Thank you so much!

I added "-Xmx200m" between the "java" and "-cp" in fop.bat, and now FOP
completely renders my document with high-res graphics! :-)

(The FOP FAQ, at http://xml.apache.org/fop/faq.html, has a "memory settings
of the JVM" hyperlink that, not that helpfully, points to the FOP home

Where would that MemoryOverflowException be reported?  I'm currently
forwarding FOP messages to a log file, but it doesn't contain any such

On that subject, is there any way to get FOP to report the .fo source line
number at which an error occurs?  All my log contains is errors such as:

[ERROR] children of list-blocks must be list-items

A line number would sure make it easier to track down errors in my (1.5MB)
.fo file.

Thanks again for the memory tip, that's made my day :-).

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