Mihael Knezevic wrote:
i have a table with a header row. as i dynamically generate the content
of the headers i don't know how long the text for the header will be. so
i sometimes get a very long header, which breaks into a second header
row. now i would like to generally make the header 2 rows wide. how do i
do this? i tried the attribute number-rows-spanned but it didn't work
(could also be my mistake). is it supported by fop?

I don't understand. Table rows have to be put into the table explicitely, therefore a long header (whatever you mean with this) will never "break into a second header row". I guess you got a header table cell with two lines, which is something different. Row spanning is implemented, but you can't span more than one table row if there is only one. Can you reformulate your question and perhaps show a small snippet of your FO code demonstrating your current approach?


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