I have an xsl-fo file which includes an svg graphic. Is there any way
to generate a link in the svg referencing a fo:block? I thought of something
like the following, which does not work, but should illustrate the problem:

<fo:root xmlns:fo="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Format";>
<!-- some fo here -->

<svg width="100" height="100"

<!-- this text should link to the fo:block with id="hello" -->
  <fo:basic-link internal-destination="hello">
    <text x="0" y="0">link to hello</text>


<!-- the block that should be referenced -->
<fo:block id="hello">hello</fo:block>
<!--  some fo here -->

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to do something like this?

Thanks and greetings,


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