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My friend,

Please do not mix apples and oranges. You can generate XML data and from that point you can create whatever you want.
My personal approach would be:
- Create XML data to power your report
- Create 1 XSLT for creating CSV content, 1 for HTML and 1 for XSL-FO
- By using the above XSLT's now you are ready to create CSV and HTML content. Just run a simple XSLT transformation and you are done!! No need for using FOP whatsoever.

- For creating your PDF version you only need to run an XSLT transformation to create XSL-FO content then you can use FOP to create PDF content based on the previously generated XSL-FO content.

- If the layout of your report ever changes (but not the data to be displayed) you ONLY need to update your XSLT files instead of changing your app.


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>But I think you're mixing things here. You're talking about a HTML
>preview and you're talking about Excel. Is that linked together
>What are trying to accomplish?

The clients need the same report in 3 formats :

We are doing an MIS for a leading airline.
There are around 80 reports.
So what we are trying to do is to reuse the same FOP code to generate
HTML and Excel reports.

If this is not successful, we will have to add 80+80=160 new files.

So before giving them the estimate, we would like to see how much of
work is left

That is the intention.

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