Jon Steeves wrote:

        This actually results in the same problem: the endofdoc reference does 
force the TOC number  of the previous item to be printed, but its own page 
number is then omitted.

        The solution I came up with is to -- as you suggested -- output this "endofdoc" 
reference as the last block in TOC, but to make the font color="white".  By doing this, 
the previous TOC item was printed in full and the last TOC dummy item, though incomplete, is output 
as invisible text.

Thanks for the help


Glad I could "help" :-)

I suspect that, in the long run, this isn't really a "solution" anyway, for those who've got as their last TOC item something that doesn't happen to be on the last page. I guess this is one of those strange bugs... :-p
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