On 30.01.2003 11:55:11 Matthew Lancashire wrote:
> I hace created an exe from ExampleXML2PDF.

Well, "exe" don't exist in Java. I guess you mean you ran the build
script in examples/embedding and now you've got a bunch of *.class files
in the build directory, right?

> How can I run this.
> I get NoClassDefFoundError.

This means that a class could not be found in the classpath. Usually,
the error message also tells you which class. And that will give you an
indicator what is missing. Next time you should provide the full error

> I know very little about the runtime environment set-up!

It would be best if you got yourself a Java-for-starters book.

What you're probably missing are several JAR files in the classpath. You
need to do something like:

java -cp

> Also is it possible to use Streamed CML instead of seperate XML/XSL files?

Sorry, I don't know what you mean by "Streamed CML".

Jeremias Maerki

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