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nice attitude, making privately sent mail public. -/-
But I forgive you. I don't mind. I only didn't send it to the list because I 
think it was off topic.
And if you want to, you may also forward the other mail I sent you to the 
But then, why didn't you forward the mail you sent me to the list ;-)? The 
answer can't be traffic, because otherwise you'd shorten quotes.

Am Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2003 13:37 schrieb Matthew Lancashire:
> Is this the sort of help you want to encourage?
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> From: Herr Christian Wolfgang Hujer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> [cut]
I think you got hold of the wrong end of the stick. >:-)
Sorry for that. Seemingly I forgot to place some emoticons. Ah.. always the 
same, either they are too many or they are too few ;-)

That doesn't change the facts /:|
VJ++ doesn't know Java.
VJ++ is not Java compatible.
VJ++ may not call itself a Java IDE.

The main problem is you try to use an IDE from MS for Java, while MS (8<| 
tries to corrumpt Java, that simply *can't* work. It *can't* (-o-) (-o-).
VJ++ still is at the state of Sun Java SDK 1.1.x. That hasn't changed. While 
I'd bet most users use at least 1.3 and several already upgraded to 1.4.1_01. 
Despite VJ++ doesn't properly work, it's totally outdated :-}}}

So you simply need to get a different IDE.
Here's a definitely incomplete list of IDEs working with Java on MS Windows:
Visual Age, JBuilder, Eclipse, Forte / NetBeans / Sun Developer Studio, vim, 
Emacs, Visual Cafe, BlueJ, JCreator, JPE, JEdit, CodeWarrior and many many 
more, sorry to all those I forgot to include in that list, this list really 
*is* somewhat incomplete!

I'd recommend vim but, as Larry Wall says, "I don't claim everyone else's mind 
works the same as mine does". -=#:->}


Usually I'd not post such a thing to a list. But if there's still one person 
out there trying to use FOP that doesn't know VJ++ doesn't work, there might 
be others, so this post still has some very little informational character, 
at least because of P.P.S. ;-).

P.P.S.: Glossary of used emoticons
- -/- provoking trouble
>:-) little devil
;-) twinkling
/:| Mr. Spock
(8<| darth vader
(-o-) imperial fighter
:-}}} long beard
- -=#:>} grinning wizard with beard
- --
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