joni santoso wrote:

I used to create a servlet that can produce PDF by setting its contentType.
1. Now, I wonder if I can use Apache FOP to take XML stream that I created using JDOM to produce a PDF?
What is XML stream? FOP supports SAX input stream, see examples and

2. Is it possible to produce a PDF that only contains JPEG using XML stream? I am thinking about storing an image stream in an XML document like this :

 the stream is here
No, that's not supported yet. You can embed SVG images in this way though.

3. What about producing mixed content (image and text) in a PDF? I know I can use the external link/external file fo element. But what if the image and text are all created on the fly?
You can make any inclusions and transformations at tarnsformation stage using power of XSLT language.

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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