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In testing my application, I've noticed that different JRE's produce differing FOP output. Specifically, Java 1.3.1_04 tends to require more space for region-before & region-after than Java 1.4.1_01. If I use the 1.4.1 extents/margin(s) with 1.3.1, I get a "Some static text did not fit" error, and it prints on the next page (if there is one--FOPpers know the drill :-). If I use the 1.3.1 extents/margin(s) wwith 1.4.1, I end up with incorrect region-before/after, leaving 1-2cm of white-space around region-body.

Which renderer are you using? Anyway provide full test case to reproduce the problem.

I am using FOP-0.20.4, although I've noticed the same problem with 0.20.5rc as well. Is that what you mean?

Wait. I'm rendering to "-print".

I've also noticed that when I render to -pdf, I have similar differences from when I render to -print (i.e., region-before/after margin(s) are off.
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