I've figured out how to link to a file that contains a gif or jpg image,
but not a png.

  <fo:external-graphic src="file:test.jpg">

After reading the FAQ I extracted the file JimiProClasses.zip from the
Jimi library, and renamed it 'jimi-1.0.jar' and moved it to FOP's lib

That gives me the message:

Exception on thread 'main' java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

I assume that I have the wrong version of jimi, or I did something wrong
:-)  Any thoughts?

I also want to have the image be generated from a cgi script.  I
'discovered' that this is easy as long as you use &amp; for & in the
external-graphic src attribute:

This works, with show_profile generating a jpg.
(Maps.nocat.net generates line of site plots for the NoCat community wireless 
group-feel free to
check it out.)


The 'real' script is show_profile.cgi (remove the 'X') that generates a
png image.

Anyway, thanks for creating a great bit of code, and if anyone can offer
me guidance on the png issue I would be happy!


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