I would like to define an XSLTInputHandler with a stream source for XML and
a stream source for XSL and not a File object.

I didn't find any documentation on the implementation of XSLTInputHandler

The goal is to create a class XmlToPdf with method like renderPDF wich could
take these parameters :
public class XmlToPdf

/*This one is NOT OK*/

public static void renderPDF (InputStream originXML, InputStream xsl,
OutputStream destinationPDF) throws IOException {

===>??  XSLTInputHandler input = new XSLTInputHandler(originXML, xsl);

/*This one is OK*/
public static void renderPDF (String originXML, String xsl, String
destinationPDF) throws IOException {
        File    fileEntreeXML = new File(originXML);
        File    fileEntreeXSL = new File(xsl);
        ByteArrayOutputStream bytePDF = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
        XSLTInputHandler input = new XSLTInputHandler(fileEntreeXML,
        renderPDF( input, bytePDF);

/*This one is OK*/
private static void renderPDF(XSLTInputHandler input, ByteArrayOutputStream

Anyone can help me ?


Jean-Philippe VALENTIN

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