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From: Patrick Branley 
Sent: Thursday, 6 February 2003 3:20 PM
Subject: Postscript Error when RIPing document created with FOP


I have PDF document created with FOP that I sent to Xerox Docucolor 2060
using a Scitex Spire RIP that failed with the following error:

>>>Type          Date&Time        Stage   Message
>>>Error Message Feb 05, 11.06.06 Process General postscript error.
>>>Please preview the job to ensure file validity.
>>>Type          Date&Time        Stage   Message
>>>Error Message Feb 05, 11.06.06 Process %%[Error: syntaxerror;
>>>OffendingCommand: bin obj seq, type=128, elements=1, size=45318,
>>>non-zero unused field]%%|

Initially I thought the problem was further on in the process with a later
step in our application where the file is merged with another PDF using
PDFLib, however sending just the pure FOP PDF and not the PDFlib merged PDF
still causes this error. However Thomas Merz at pdflib gave me this

> This is a rarely used PostScript feature called "binary object
> encoding". I wonder which component in your workflow generates it? Do 
> you print through Acrobat or send the PDF to the RIP directly? In the 
> latter case I'll speculate that the RIP internally translates PDF to 
> binary PostScript, and for some reason this conversion fails, and 
> produces something which should be considered an internal error 
> message. Type=128 is a floating point number, but size=45318 is 
> definitely too much data for a float; This suggests that some data 
> portion is severly messed up.

There are no images in this file, just text using some embedded type 1
fonts. The File was created with fop 0.20.4rc. Any suggestions on how to
solve this ?

The printer has a workaround by first distilling the file in Acrobat and
then resending it to the RIP, but this affects their workflow and we plan to
send a large number of files to them per year so this isn't a viable option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Patrick Branley
Systems Engineer
E-BisPrint Pty. Ltd.

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