Patrick Branley wrote:

> The RIP can accept a PDF file, which then im assuming converts it to
> postscript before output.
> If you open a PDF in Acrobat with distiller set up as a printer device you
> can print a PDF to another PDF file. Using this process the new PDF file
> will pass through the RIP with no problems.

OK, that helps a bit. Here is how I would like to proceed:

1. Upgrade to 0.20.5rc (you said you were on 0.20.4rc in a previous posting)
& see whether you get the same results. Even if so, at least we can compare
results with current code. This is generally a good rule to follow, as I
doubt that any of the developers want to take the time to debug & fix
something that has already been debugged & fixed. If this does not solve the
problem, continue to step 2.

2. Open the original PDF file in Acrobat, and "Save As" PostScript. Send
this PostScript file to your printer, and see whether they can handle it
properly. If so, then there is probably a problem on their end, with
whatever process their machine uses to convert PDF to PostScript. Otherwise,
continue to step 3.

3. Distill the PostScript created in step 2 using Acrobat Distiller. Between
steps 2 & 3, we have done (I think) the same thing that the PDF to PDF
conversion does, but have broken it down. I therefore expect the Distill to
finish successfully (please let me know if not) & to create a new PDF. Send
this PDF to the printer. Again, I would expect this to succeed (again, let
me know if not). The question now becomes why their PostScript interpreter
chokes on code that Distiller successfully distills. I would pose that
question to your printer for them to take up with the device manufacturer.
There are a bunch of interesting things we could do to troubleshoot the
whole thing, which you can try (diffing the two PDF files, diffing the two
PostScript files), but the likely result (absent other information or
similar stories with other devices & interpreters) is that their PostScript
interpreter has a bug in it (or uses an incompatible version of PostScript)
& it would be difficult to justify the expense of proving this.

In your previous posting you said:
<--- Start --->
The printer has a workaround by first distilling the file in Acrobat and
then resending it to the RIP, but this affects their workflow and we plan to
send a large number of files to them per year so this isn't a viable option.
<--- End --->

This suggests another possible workaround, which is that /you/ could do the
PDF to PDF conversion before sending it to the printer. That would at least
be a short-term fix that wouldn't affect their workflow. Another workaround
to explore is to output PostScript from PDF & see if it works better.

If anybody else recognizes this problem, please feel free to jump in.

Victor Mote

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