I tried to increase memory of JVM through Tomcat - but not much change. I believe the way i am using my procedure (creating objects) that might be wrong.
Below is some statistics (logger is displaying) when i am trying to render the PDF with 1 page / 2 pages / 3 pages etc
                                        1 page report                 2 pages report          3 pages report
Initial Heap size    ~           12M                              14M                        10M
Current Heap size  ~           64M                             10M                          9M
Total memory used  ~         52M                              4M                           -1M
If i try for 4 pages report then i get OutOfMemory Error. Once i get this error then even sometimes i get errors for 2 pages /  3pages report too. Total memory used always go in -ve later.
I  am attaching my procedure below which i use to render the pdf
 //Following method is used to render PDF
 public synchronized void renderPDF (...)
    throws Exception {
    get xsl file path
   get xml  
    //get the user config file for pdf Arial unicode font
    File userConfigFile = new File(cnffilepath);
    Options options = new org.apache.fop.apps.Options(userConfigFile);
    TraxInputHandler xsltinput = new TraxInputHandler(new File(xmlpath), new File(xslpath));
     ByteArrayOutputStream outputPDFBuffer = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
     Driver driver = new Driver();
     driver.setLogger(new org.apache.avalon.framework.logger.Log4JLogger(logger) );
     FileOutputStream pdfDoc = new FileOutputStream(pdfpath);
     pdfDoc.write(outputPDFBuffer.toByteArray(), 0, outputPDFBuffer.size());

Chris Bowditch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Manisha Sathe wrote:

> Thanks Chris,
> Would appreciate if u can explain more how shall i increase memory in my
> case ->
> I am on Tomcat server and using servlet to render the fop. I am not
> using fop.bat file, Which script starts my JVM - really speaking i also
> do not know.

Well I havent used Tomcat, but I know it will be started by a shell script or
batch file. You will need to find it and add the parameter -Xmx256M to the
call to java. Ask on a tomcat specific list, this is getting somewhat off
topic for FOP/XSL-FO.


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