Thanks Jan for the Response

My Largest XML File is about 65 MB. I am allocating a
Heap Size of 2 GB and still not able to Transform the
Entire File. I can see that the Java Process
performing the Transformation uses about 1.7 GB during
the Transformation..and my Stylesheet   does not have
any Fancy Transformation, all it does is apply the
same Template repeatedly..No Tables or Images included
as well.

Increasing the Max Heap Size beyond 2 GB didnt help

Is there someother Memory setting that should be

Thanks again 


--- "J.Pietschmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Ram Krishnamoorthi wrote:
> > Apologize for posting this in the FOP Forum..but
> does
> > anyone know if there any Upper Limit on the Size
> of
> > the XML File that can be Processed by the Xalan
> > Processor? 
> > 
> > I am having trouble generating simple FO Objects
> for
> > XML Files which are over 50 MB. I dont get any
> error
> > messages.but when i observe the FO output file..I
> can
> > see that it has not Transformed the entire XML
> File. 
> The maximal input file size is mostly determined by
> the available
> memory, and to some extent by the complexity off the
> transformation
> and output handling.
> Xalan (as well as most other XSLT processors, most
> of the time)
> reads the complete input into memory and builds an
> internal data
> structure for processing. As a rule of thumb, JVM
> memory to input
> files size is 10:1 (unless recent releases improved
> significantly),
> i.e. a 50MB input will need around 500MB JVM heap
> size for holding
> the input. The transformation also uses memory,
> especially building
> RTF variables, recursive templates for complex
> string manipulation,
> large key tables, XPath expressions which select a
> significant
> part of the input but not a whole subtree and
> Muenchean grouping
> can eat a lot of additional memory. If you serialize
> the output,
> this is usually streamed, but if you want to process
> the result
> further, you'll need even more ressources..
> J.Pietschmann
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