vendy Tjung a écrit :
> yes, of course....
> the fo file is as attachment...

Ok, this is because you use FOP 0.20.5 extensions (fox:outline,
fox:destination) which are not supported by FOP 0.93. fox:outline is
replaced by the native fo:bookmark element from XSL-FO 1.1,
fox:destination has not been re-enabled yet (but is about to be in the

Are you using DocBook? In which case you have a fop1.extensions
parameter in the XSLT stylesheets that you should use instead of the
fop.extensions parameter (which applies to the 0.20.5 version).

You should have seen the stacktrace showing the complete error message
when running the fop script. Are you sure you didn't modify this script?
Do you have any particular log configuration in Java that disables the
displaying of errors?


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