Currently not, you have to do this by hand...
That said, if somebody want to implement this, it will be welcome, such demand (fitting non breakable text in a table cell) is quite recurrent.

Le 05/06/2012 16:54, SNawa a écrit :

Could FOP reduce letter spacing automatically like XEP engine?

Pascal Sancho wrote:


I see 2 options:
   - either play with letter-spacing (this is what Xep does),
   - or insert a ZWSP (​) where you want a break opportunity
(before each uppercase letter could be a good place for a method name).

Le 04/06/2012 11:14, SNawa a écrit :
Hi All I have table with some text. One of the words in that text is too
long for table column. FOP output XEP renderer can fit a long word
automatically by reducing letter spacing. Can FOP to do it? Attached zip
contains input and output in PDF input_and_output.zip


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