Hi All

I'm still having trouble loading & using fonts while my app is
running. I can load fonts without issue when configuring them via the
XML config, but unfortunately the fonts are provided by a 3rd party at
runtime and I therefore need to find a way to load them via java.

Here's my current process (not working):

1. create a new FOP instance
2. load a number of default settings from an XML file
3. override some of these settings (eg. resolution) based on certain
preferences passed in at runtime

then, specifically regarding fonts:

4. create a temporary directory to store the font(s) that the 3rd
party is providing
5. write each font to the temp directory
6. pass the temp dir to FontManager.getFontBaseURL()
7. process the FO file

However, even though the FontBaseURL is changed, the fonts aren't
loaded/used during processing. Is there a way to tell FOP/the
FontManager to refresh it's cache/search the new directory and load
the fonts? Is there a better approach to this?

Phillip B Oldham

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