Plans are currently underway to merge the branch with Trunk. I was responsible 
for updating the tests to JUnit 4 (much like the TrueType branch), but that 
task has been put on hold until the merge has taken place.
At the moment I think the task rests with one of the committers, but it is a 
busy time building up to a release (1.1), so I cannot give you any timescales 
or release on when it might become available.
Unless the person working on it has an update, I would recommend keeping an eye 
on the mailing list for a vote on merging the branch for a specific release.
Robert Meyer

> From: ffim...@gmail.com
> Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 18:47:52 +0200
> Subject: Rounded corner
> To: fop-users@xmlgraphics.apache.org
> Hi all,
> I would be very interested in using rounded corners functionality with
> block of paragraphs. Browsing the wiki I saw that a branch named
> Temp_RoundedCorners exists with an implementation for rounded corners.
> Is there any plan to merge this functionality to a specific release or
> to the trunk ?
> Thanks in advance
> Regards
> --
> Franck
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