In my xsl:fo stylesheet I'm using wrap-option="wrap" on a fo:cell level.
I'm printing a hash (#) sign before an xml element if a cetain condition is met.

So, my element has, for example, a value of "28" and if the condition is met I 
want to print #28. The problem is that I get # 28. A space is being added that 
I never asked for!

I've tried using strip-space, and normalize-space but niether of them worked.

The interesting thing is that when I wrap the # within a fo:inline, I don;t get 
the space but then I don't get the wrapping either.

Here's my code.


<xsl:if test="RC[.!=''] and RCOVERRIDE[.!='Y']">
  <xsl:if test="RCMODIFIED[.='Y']">#
  <xsl:value-of select="RC"/>
  <fo:inline font-size="4pt">&#160;</fo:inline>



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