If you get a space between # and 28, this is because it is added
during XSLT stage, probably because of linefeeds or spaces around text
Strictly speaking, this is out of topic in this list.
That said, if you want to avoid such unexpected spaces in XSL-FO
output, you have to embed all your text nodes in a xslt construction:
<xsl:text>some text</xsl:text>
<xsl:value-of select="my/xpath/selector/or/my/xsl/expression"/>
<!-- etc -->

You have to check by yourself that the produced XSL-FO gives text
nodes without unwanted spaces:
<fo:block>some textresult_of_value-of_evaluation</fo:block>

2012/6/25 Rita Greenberg <rgreenb...@medata.com>:
> Thanks Pascal - I tried that but am still getting a space between the # and 
> 28.
> I need #28.


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