IIUC, JCGM is an imageIO plugin that allows to use CGM with FOP.
So, you are probably facing to JCGM limitations. See [1].
[1] http://jcgm.sourceforge.net/features.html

2012/7/2 froglander <kristina.here...@trax.aero>:
> Thank you for your reply!
> This is something that someone else set up and now I get to figure out how
> it works because I am running into that problem of some cgm graphics not
> printing.
> I've found that we use
> http://jcgm.sourceforge.net/index.html
> and
> http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/commons/
> in relation to printing graphics.  But I don't quite yet completely
> understand how they work (or work together).
> Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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