Pascal Sancho <> writes:

> IIUC, you want to have the copyright block only at the bottom of the
> 1st column of the 1st page.
> AFAIK, there is no FO solution for that; in one page, all columns will
> have same height (at least regarding XSL-FO REC 1.1).
> That said, you can easily change the 1st page body, , and put your
> copyright cartouche in a static region of the 1st page (in absolute
> position, if you want).

Basically, I have a two column document where I want to put the
copyright at the bottom of the 1st column of the 1st page as you
say. I'm okay with any method of achieving this in the current version
of FOP. If I need to make some changes to the way the columns are done
with the first page, I'm okay with that, as long as the solution works
well and looks right. I'm not an FO expert, and I've only tweaked a few
things in the DocBook XSL to do things like put the authors in a table
instead of listing them one after another. I'd appreciate help in
understanding how to do this, since I'm a total FO noob.

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