while working on a migration to the latest trunk version, I found the following 
things are no longer correct on the website:
under Versions/FOP Trunk (dev)
The "upgrading" page is completly wrong, because it still describes the upgrade 
from Fop-1.0 to 1.1 - should describe the upgrade from 1.1 to trunk. Most 
important here would be to mention that FopFactory.newInstance() no longer 
exists and that the Factory has to be instantiated in other ways.

under Using Apache™ FOP
The "Embed" also misses notes about FopFactory.newInstance() no longer exists 
also more bad is here that there are example codes that still use 
FopFactory.newInstance() - so the exmaples would not longer work.

The same is true for the "Servlets" page.

Because the FopFactory.newInstance() has been removed in middle of 2012 it 
would be very nice if someone could update the trunk documentation. Thanks in 


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