This is a task for XSLT or a pre-processor used in conjunction with FOP.
You need to process your incoming data to generate a ToC using FOP
primitives, and then FOP will do the formatting. XSLT gives you one way to
do that processing, but there are others. Best to think of FOP as simply a
converter from XSL-FO to PDF (or PS, AFP, etc), and nothing more. For the
sake of convenience, FOP allows you to provide input via an input XML file
and an XSLT file, where the XSLT file specifies a transformation from your
input XML file into XSL-FO primitives. But that's all it does. It is up to
you to determine that transformation.

Good Luck,

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 12:52 AM, Anastasia <> wrote:

> Good Day!
> We are interested in using the FOP Apache application. But we require the
> function of making Table of Contents and Index in the document. Could you
> please tell us, is there a way to create a table of contents and index in
> your program? As the only way to implement it, that we see, is to create a
> simple table. Thank you for your answer!
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> Best regards, Anastasya.
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