On 4/4/2014 7:49 PM, a3leggeddog wrote:
Hello -

I am trying to convert a nested, bulleted list in HTML to XML-FO for output
as a PDF in Apache FOP. The HTML looks like this

    <li>Item Number1</li>
           <li>Sub-Item 1</li>
           <li>Sub-Item 2</li>

All of the XSLT I have tried creates a with an embedded for the subitems.
FOP, however, complains that you can't have a list-block as a child of a
list-block. Is this an issue with FOP? Or, is that simply not valid XML-FO
and all of the XSLT examples are processing this construct incorrectly?

If it's the later, what is the proper XML-FO to produce a nested set of
bullets like you would see in HTML?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I'm not sure this would resolve the issue you're facing but I've successfully nested <fo:list-block> elements by placing the child <fo:list-block> inside the <fo:list-item-body> element of the parent <fo:list-block>.

Hope that helps.

-Terence Bandoian

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