You other option might be to use a non breaking space ( ).

Also your original description is a bit confusing as you said: 

" I'm losing the space between the word "page" and page-number-citation-last."

According to your fo snippet there is no word "page" it looks more like

        Page No: <current page no> of <last page no>

So you should be able to clearly say where the 'space is lost'.


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Sent: Tuesday, 20 May 2014 11:04 AM
Subject: Re: preserving a trailing space in inline

Hi Terence,  thanks, it's good to know the simple FO works fine!

Its non trivial for me to get rid of the inline elements, although I could get 
rid of the nested ones if it is these which are causing the problem.

I'll look into that, but it would still be useful to get confirmation as to 
which of the whitespace attributes I should be using.

thanks .. Jason

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