The Apache XML Graphics team is pleased to announce the immediate availability 
of Apache FOP Version 2.0 [1].

Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) [2] is an output independent print 
formatter driven by XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) [3]. FOP is a Java 
application that reads a formatting object tree and renders the resulting pages 
to a specified output format, of which a variety of formats are supported. 
Apache FOP is published under the Apache License v2.0.

Because of changes to the API, the version number has been bumped to 2.0. Java 
6 or later is minimum runtime required. This release fixes a number of bugs. In 
addition the following significant functional enhancements are provided:

    Side float support
    Whitespace Management Extension
    fo:inline-container partial support
    Support for rounded corners
    Improved support for complex scripts
    PDF Linearization
    Support OpenType CFF fonts
    Subset support for Type 1 fonts
    Support for AES 256 PDF encryption
    Default encryption is now 128 bit
    SVG graphics can use FOP custom fonts
    PDF custom document properties
    AFP OCA Color
    Support CMYK TIFFs in AFP through IOCA FS45
    PDF VT support
    PDF Page Piece support
    Extension to resize background images
    Low level mechanism to augment PDF /Catalog and /Page dictionaries

For release notes see [4]. Source and binary distributions can be downloaded 
from an ASF Mirror at [5]. Further download information is available at [6]. 
Maven artifacts for this release are available at [7].

Note, that depending on which download mirror you use, it may take up to 24 
hours to see the download images at [5].


The Apache XML Graphics team.

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