Thank you for your reply. 

I just created a new Jira Bug :  https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FOP-2929 

Best regards,

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Can you raise a bug in jira


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Subject: Wrong printed glyph with PCL renderer and TTF font 

Hi everyone,

I am trying to transform a document using the PCL renderer with special 
characters like "euro". For reasons of rendering quality and file size, I want 
to integrate true type fonts using the PCLSoftFont function.

First test: with the first configuration file (cfg_1.xml):
       - The second block of text does not import new characters in the pcl 
soft font
       - There is a wrong selection of characters for the first character

Second test: with a second configuration file (cfg_2.xml) using 
"<optimize-resources> true </optimize-resources>"
       - There is a wrong selection of glyphs for the first character

After some tests and code reading, it seems that the Arial font (and probably 
other true type fonts) uses composite glyphs (for example: "É" uses the glyphs 
40 and 141). When adding new characters from 32 to 49, the glyph "40" displays 
a "w" but not an "E" as expected in the PCL document. 
Mapped characters after second try : {= 47, a = 33, c = 43, d = 46, e = 35, É = 
32, i = 49, € = 41, l = 48, n = 45, o = 44, r = 36 , s = 42, t = 37, u = 39, w 
= 40, y = 38, z = 34}

I really don't know how to resolve this situation. 
Can you give some keys to manage this issue and tell me how I can help ?

PDF and postscript renders work well.

Best regards,

- test.if: intermediate file containing the test document

- cfg_1.xml: first configuration file
- test_1.pcl: result of the first test
- test_1.pcl_analysis.txt: test_1.pcl Paraphernalia analysis

- cfg_2.xml: second configuration file
- test_2.pcl: result of the second test
- test_2.pcl_analysis.txt: test_2.pcl Paraphernalia analysis 

Environment : 
 - Apache Fop 2.4
 - Openjdk version "11.0.2"
 - Windows 10


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