I've spent a couple hours in the mail archives trying to determine the current 
state of the implementation of retrieve-table-marker. The compliance table 
states that this is still just partially implemented, and I'd like to 
understand what works and does not work in FOP 2.5.

The archives yielded a couple work-arounds, one that uses regular markers and 
the other which uses table-markers, but these are at least 8 years old and I 
can't tell if they've been superceded.


I need a solution that can generate repeating table titles with the string 
"(continued)" on the 2nd and subsequent pages of a long table. These pages are 
generated dynamically using the DITA Open-Toolkit's DITA to FO transform, which 
we've customized when needed.

Here's what I'd like to understand:

  *   What is the current state of the retrieve-table-marker compliance?
  *   Is full compliance needed to support repeating table titles?
  *   If so, how much effort would be required to address it?
     *   by a regular FOP contributor
     *   a Master's student with Java background
  *   If not, what's the most up-to-date method to implement repeating table 
titles using a work-around for FOP 2.5?

Thanks in advance for any feedback,


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