Hi list,
When a table is continued across page breaks, I would expect the before-border 
of the table cells to be suppressed on all pages after the first (unless I 
explicitly set the conditionality to "retain"); however, in my example 
document, the borders are visible on the second page.
You can find my example FO document at 
https://www.dropbox.com/s/w679cjb9gampdq6/table-borders.fo?dl=0 and the result 
PDF document at https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpc5avwsrzb8k6j/table-borders.pdf?dl=0
I thought this might maybe only work for the table-row elements, so I tried it 
there, but the result is the same. Besides, as you can see in my example, I 
need the border for the *cells*, not the whole row (because I want a gap in the 
I use FOP 2.5.

What do I miss?


PS: I found 
 but this only points me at the conditionality, which should already implicitly 
be "discard" in my case.

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