the list ate some characters:
- add characters to break lines like #x200b; 
- html element textarea formats the token nicely
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Sent: Mar 3, 2022 11:50 PM
Subject: How to wrap lines with no breaks in them
I have a very long token (800+ characters) with no spaces and I want to put it 
in a PDF so someone can select the whole token and paste it into a form as a 
login. It runs off the page and breaks in weird ways. When you select it in the 
PDF, there are things missing and breaks have been added.
The problem is I can't insert characters like ​ to break the lines, because 
when those are copied and pasted, they make carriage returns, which ruins the 
In HTML I can use a element and the token wraps at a certain line width, and 
can be selected and pasted successfully. Is there any way to do this with XSL 
FO PDF output?
p.s. example of the token (no spaces or CRs in here):
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