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Dynamic footer content can be achieved using fo:marker and fo:retrieve-marker



On 05/07/2023 02:52, Jon Schewe wrote:
I'm using the Java XML API to create a document tree and then using FOP to render the PDF. I've created simple footers that show the current page and reference the last page. Now I'd like to customize the footer per page. Instead of "Page 2 of 3" in the footer, I'd like to have "Before: next page title      Page 2 of 3" where "next page title" changes per page. I understand that the page number and last page numbers are special tags that get populated at render time. Is it possible to modify the footer content per page with a single page sequence, or do I need to create a page sequence for each unique footer?

If I need a page sequence for each, how do I get the last page number of the last sequence so that I can still populate "Page 2 of 3"?

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