Hi Joop

On Sat, 17 Sep 2016 13:16:01 +0200
jvandewege <jvandew...@nieuwland.nl> wrote:
> I'm trying this on a Centos-7, foreman-1.12.2 instance but I get the
> dreaded ERROR cannot connect to Foreman-API.
> Looking at production.log I see the calls to get the version number and
> then the call to apidoc/v2.json with a HTTP status code of 200 so OK.
> After that I get the error so the message is not what is really
> happening. Trying a few things I noticed that ipdb and single stepping
> through I saw a syntax error pass by but can't pinpoint where that is
> coming from other then that is after the apidoc/v2.json call. Thats
> about as much python experience I can throw at it

Can you generate the apipie cache and please try again?

# /usr/sbin/foreman-rake apipie:cache



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