Hi Everyone,

I need some assistance with connecting a foreman interface version 1.10.4, 
installed via katello, using the smart proxy service to a puppet enterprise 

*I should start by asking:* Is it possible to have foreman manage classes 
and environments, allowing puppet enterprise to act as if it were the 
master puppet interconnection? I have found several pieces of documentation 
that point to this being possible, but no fool proof how-to to accomplish 

*Current environment: *We have over 600+ servers that utilize katello for 
their repository management. The same 600+ servers have an enterprise 
version of puppet setup for configuration management. The katello agent was 
not utilized for the repository management piece as the systems already 
have a puppet agent running, pointed to the enterprise environment.

*Problem: *While each environment allows us to manage pieces of the 
individual server, we cannot do erratas, logs, monitoring, updates, and 
provisioning management on them through the foreman interface.

*End result:* Complete integration between puppet enterprise and 
foreman(katello) as a 'single pane of glass' interface for managing all 
provisioning and maintenance.

*What I have found so far:*

Passenger on Puppet PE and use foreman as an ENC and reporting engine 

Red Hat Satellite 6 & Puppet Enterprise Integration 

Foreman Manual - Puppet 

Puppetlabs Satellite_pe_tools 

Thanks for any help!

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