There have been comments and release notes around EL6 support but I wanted
to take the time to make sure users see the information and are aware of
the deprecations.

As of Foreman 1.13, EL6 was officially dropped as a supported operating
system. An official repository of EL6 builds exists for 1.13 extending the
life of Foreman on EL6 for that release and that release alone.

The Katello 3.2 release is the last release stream that will have support
for EL6. For Katello 3.3 and beyond, only EL7 releases will be made
available. We will be working on a strategy to help users migrate their EL6
installations to EL7 and please reach out to us if you have questions
regrading this.

Further, we recommend ALL new installs of 1.13 or 3.2 be done on an EL7 box.

To reiterate, Foreman 1.14 and Katello 3.2 will NOT be provided on EL6. The
1.13 and 3.2 streams will continue to receive updates per our normal
support policy.

Eric D. Helms
Red Hat Engineering

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