I'm planning to make a change for fortress rest util connection pooling
Currently we only used 2 connections for the connection pooling as the
default value provided by apache http client library.
Apart from the connection pool, i also look that it would be good if we
could manage the heap memory management in string using StringUtils.join

Since that library used and simplify the StringBuilder mechanism and the
most benefit is to maintain the GC time become very minimum. I know from
the performance point of view StringBuilder will make a bit slow compare to
the concatenation one.
However, if we considering the greater good of GC, StringBuilder can reduce
the old GC period since the objects will be discarded before it reach old
GC because it will not wait until the strong string reference got destroyed.

As per my github pull request shawn asked me to put that concern at the
mailing list, unfortunatelly i can't find the exact svn at for fortress project.
Please guide how to commit my code contribution.

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