Dear Nick,

here is a quick answer: You might want to look at the

  ATLAS of Finite Group Representations

I have not checked which information (e.g. presentations,
representations) are given there for the groups you are
interested in, but they are smallish anyway...

Best wishes, Jürgen (Müller)

Zitat von Nicholas Gill <>:

Hi GAP-folk,

I would like to construct a bunch of bicyclic extensions of some finite simple groups. Here "bicyclic" is in the sense of the ATLAS. I'm thinking of things like
3.A6.2, 6.A6.2, 12.A6.2, (2x2).Sz(8).3
I realise the definition of these things is a little icky. In fact I only need an example of each such group up to isoclinism - this is what the ATLAS provides and that's good enough for me... But to start any example of such a group would be handy.

I've tried a bunch of things to get my hands on these groups, but failed. In most cases a presentation is not known (I think), so I'm a little stuck. Any suggestions?

Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question - my GAP knowledge continues to hover around pathetic / embarrassing.

Nick :)
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