Dear Shen,

In GAP there is a share package called GUAVA which is used for computations in 
coding theory. There are also a couple of notes scattered around which to some 
extent give you examples of use of GAP for Algebraic Coding Theory. 
Have a look at the following:

4. The book titled: selected unsolved problems in coding theory, also has 
section of constructing codes using GAP and SAGE. 

I found this book useful for general use of GAP:
5.  The book Abstract Algebra with GAP:  A Manual to be Used with Contemporary 
Abstract Algebra, 5th Edition by Julianne G. Rainbolt and Joseph A. Gallian
August 2003 is also useful. I found a copy here:

I hope this helps.

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Dear all:

I am a new learner of error correction code, and I would like to use GAP.

So any recommendation of documentation/tuitor/manual  on using GAP on this 

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