Dear all :

Thanks you for your detail reply, I will look into this.


2015年3月8日 上午03:22,Sümeyra Bedir <> 写道:

Dear Rodrigues, and Dear Shen,
Thank you for your contribution,
This is a useful and entire collection of documents and references for all 
researchers in the area of Coding Theory, using GAP and SAGE.
Glad to see people sharing about supplementary materials for Coding Theory in 
these open source systems GAP, and SAGE.
Thank you very much,

Sümeyra Bedir

8 Mar 2015 tarihinde 11:43 saatinde, Bernardo Rodrigues <> 
şunları yazdı:

Dear Shen,

In GAP there is a share package called GUAVA which is used for computations in 
coding theory. There are also a couple of notes scattered around which to some 
extent give you examples of use of GAP for Algebraic Coding Theory.
Have a look at the following:
2. 3.
4. The book titled: selected unsolved problems in coding theory, also has 
section of constructing codes using GAP and SAGE.
I found this book useful for general use of GAP:
5. The book Abstract Algebra with GAP: A Manual to be Used with Contemporary 
Abstract Algebra, 5th Edition by Julianne G. Rainbolt and Joseph A. Gallian
August 2003 is also useful. I found a copy here:
I hope this helps.

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Dear all:

I am a new learner of error correction code, and I would like to use GAP.

So any recommendation of documentation/tuitor/manual on using GAP on this topic?

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