Hello Jan.

I would like to ask you for a very important feature:

_Highlighting all occurrences of selected text in the active editor._

Unfortunately I can't create it from the outside. I have tried many things, but
there are always unpleasant disadvantages. The feature is not only for AutoIt,
but for all languages and many other users would love it. :-) Could you please
be so kind to add the feature? It is really important and I would be very happy.

Description of the feature

- Text can be selected in the editor with the mouse or the keyboard.
- A whole word can be selected (e.g. "StringInStr"), or only a part (e.g.
- If Text is selected, all other occurrences of this text in the document should
be highlighted.
- The highlighting starts automatically when text is selected - no shortcut,
search function or similar is needed.

Additional options, if possible :-)
- Highlighting also within comments.
- The selected text may contain spaces, e.g. "MsgBox( 0, "

Example screenshot


Can you please add this feature? :)

Best regards,
Professor Bernd.

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