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I am afraid it is far from real to be done.

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Why not? For Jan it is not a big effort, the functions are already there!

I have already programmed this feature for AutoIt, and it works! I programmed it
from the outside, but there are some drawbacks, e.g. that I lose a whole
highlighter section, or that every time I highlight text, the hard drive is
accessed, or it only works for AutoIt, but not for other languages, and much

It's NOT hard to build it in internally from PSPad! Outside I have no events, I
have to work with tricks. But Jan has events, it's much easier. The functions
are also available to him: Searching inside the active editor, and highlighting
"whatever he wants". 

>From the outside, I used VBScript and AutoIt-Script to monitor if text is
highlighted, then I wrote it into the highlighter file and all occurrences were
highlighted. If no text was marked, I removed the entry from the highlighter
file. This is complicated and requires write access to the file and the hard
disk each time.

>From inside PSPad this is much easier! No reason not to include such an
important feature in PSPad!


Please Jan, I have already sent you several eMails about this feature and have
made several requests here in the forum. But you have not answered any. Please
build this feature into PSPad. Almost all other editors have this feature, but
not PSPad. PSPad has many other strengths that other editors do not have. I love
PSPad. But this is a really important feature that PSPad needs, and it's for all


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